Julian Hakes ‘Mojito’ sculptural sandals

Julian Hawkes silver Mojito sandals Julian Hawkes silver Mojito sandals

Julian Hakes ‘Mojito’, £175

Julian Hawkes’ ‘Mojito’ sandals have been around for a while now, but I’ve somehow neglected to ever feature them here, so I thought I better put that right! These definitely won’t be shoes that will appeal to everyone, but they ARE one of the more interesting shoes to be released in recent years, so I think they’ve more than earned their place in the Shoeper Hall of Fame, don’t you?

With their dramatic, curved design, these are true works of art, and absolutely beautiful to look at. In fact, if you don’t want to actually WEAR them, they could be worth buying just to put on display: they’re definitely stunning enough to get away with it, I think!

If you do want to wear them, however, they come in no less than nine different colours, with prices ranging from £153 to £175. My favourites are the  silver versions shown above, but you can see some of the other options available here.

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  • HOOOOOLY MOTHER! I kind of wish that you’d do a Shoe Review of those. I’d love to know what it feels like to have them on a foot!

  • I have seen them in person (though not tried on) at a shoe boutique in New Orleans. I asked about them – they told me they don’t fit every foot shape; you have to have a specific type of foot (I didn’t ask details – maybe a low arch?) to wear this shoe.

    I think they look really cool. Can’t imagine they’re that comfortable though!

  • They’re certainly interesting. I think they’d be more useful as a decoration, somehow. It too me ages to figure out how to even get them on!

  • Finally tried them on. Ugh, those are something else 🙂 The main trick is to put ’em on, well, the right way. I’ve only half mastered the trick so far; one time they feel like a pair of slippers (for an hour or so, anyways :), next big event and oooh, what a pain, they literally try to break every tiny footbone, so friggin weird! I’ve got skiny 36 (eur) feet, and still there are those troubles putting me into my mojitoes!

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