Charlotte Olympia Take 110 metallic-leather sandals

Charlotte Olympia silver sandals

Charlotte Olympia sandals, £565

At last, a pair of Charlotte Olympia shoes that strike exactly the right balance between “whimsical” and “classic”. These continue the film theme which the brand has been big on this season (Check out some movie-inspired clutch bags here), with the straps resembling a roll of film. While the resemblance is instantly obvious when you see them up close, however, from a distance these will look more-or-less like a regular pair of strappy, silver sandals: albeit a particularly pretty pair.

I’ve never been into “novelty” shoes, but I do have a soft spot for quirky ones, as long as they’re still wearable (i.e. they have to still look like SHOES, rather than the object they’re “pretending” to be.), and I think these fit the bill nicely: they’re interesting and unusual, but no less versatile than any other pair of silver, strappy sandals, which means I can imagine getting a whole lot of wear out of them. Good thing, too: for £565 I’d definitely be expecting these to earn their keep!

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