Three pairs of shoes fit for ShoeperWomen

blue gingham shoes

polka dot high heel shoes with bow

high heel pumps with embellished toe

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OK, does someone want to come over and block my access to the ASOS website? Like, you could set up some kind of password I’d never guess? (So, not ILOVEASOSSHOES, for instance, because I’d get that one in a hot second…) Because, the thing is, I’ve described these shoes as being fit for “shoeperwomen”, but what I really mean is that they’re fit for ShoeperWoman – er, that’s me, in case it wasn’t obvious.

And yes, they’re from ASOS. Again. I’m not even going to bother trying to apologise for my ASOS obsession at this point, because let’s face it: what Shoeperhero wouldn’t be just a little bit obsessed with a brand that consistently presents you with affordable footwear, in styles that make you feel like they just reached into your head, worked out exactly what you were looking for, and then put it into shoe form? So, the shoes…

The first pair I love because they’re gingham, and they’re baby blue: and even although I already own a pair of baby blue gimgham shoes, I STILL want these wants, because that’s the kind of power shoes have, isn’t it? The power to make you want them, even although you kinda sorta already have them. The thing is, though, my shoes are pumps, and these are slingbacks; mine have a bow, and these don’t. So they’re TOTALLY different, right? Regardless, these just scream “summer” to me, and would look awesome with a pair of white jeans or a cute sundress: SOLD.

The second pair, meanwhile, I love, because DOTS. And bows. I’m not so keen on the ankle strap, and I’d like them a whole lot better if they were pumps, rather than d’orsay cut, but I still wouldn’t kick them out of the shoe closet, knowwhatimean?

As for the third pair, meanwhile, well, when they appeared on my screen, I thought, “Oh, Ted Baker! So cute – but so totally out of my price range right now.” Then I looked again, and nope, they’re ASOS, and they’re £50. Which all of a sudden makes them a lot more dangerous…

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