Miss Selfridge ‘Glam’ green point-toed pumps

mint green shoes

Miss Sefridge ‘Glam’ mint green point-toed pumps, £39

I never could resist a pair of mint green shoes (There’s an entire post about them here, if you happen to share my love of them), and when the shoes in question are only £39, they become even harder to resist.

This style is called ‘Glam’, which is a good name, given the added glamour of that shiny heel. These come in no less than five different colours, so if you DON’T happen to share my love of mint green, there’s a good chance you might be able to find something more to your taste: I really like the nude and gold version, although the lemon is rather nice, too. A long (perhaps too long for some tastes) pointed toe, and a slimline shape finish these off nicely, and, as with so many shoes in this style, these rely mostly on the colour to persuade you they’re different from all of the other pointed pumps you could be buying instead. Luckily, the colour is a definite winner in my book: mint and silver is one of my favourite combinations, and if I’m wearing mint green clothes (which I have rather a lot of, it has to be said), I’ll almost always want to pair them with silver shoes of some description: it’s one of those combinations that just WORKS, isn’t it?

As both of those colours are already present on the shoe itself here, though, I managed to resist the impulse to add even more mint to the silver, and went for a black/pink mix instead:

mint shoes and polka dot skirt

What to wear with mint green shoes:

♥  Finds + Vivetta polka dot mini skirt   ♥  Ralph Lauren turtleneck  ♥  Tom Ford shoulder bag  ♥  Vintage sunglasses

It’s very rare for me to feature a mini skirt in one of my outfits, but I really like this polka dot one from Net-a-Porter, and, balanced out with a high-necked sweater, I think it could work – just!

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