Dune ‘Breanna’ pink square brooch toed pumps

Dune 'Breanna' pink square brooch toed pumps

Dune 'Breanna' pink square brooch toed pumps

Dune ‘Breanna’ pink square brooch toed pumps, £89

When I wrote about Dune’s amazing brooch-toed wedding shoes earlier this year, I mentioned how much I wished they’d release them in some non-bridal colours. Well, I almost got my wish: these ‘Breanna’ pumps aren’t exactly the same as the ‘Bouquets’ style, but they’re similar enough to have me drooling over them, and they’re definitely not “bridal”, so I’m chalking it up as a success!

These come in four beautiful colours: in addition to this purplish-pink shade, there’s also black, grey, and an amazing glittered leather version, which I couldn’t find on the Dune website, but which should be coming soon. The shoes are the kind that would look good no matter what colour they were, but I’ve decided to style the brightest pair, purely because they’re the most unusual of the four. Regardless of which shade you go for, however, they all have that wonderful square brooch on the toe, which turns the simple shoe its attached to into something with much more wow factor.

Here’s how I’d wear them (in the  alternate reality in which I can actually afford this dress, I hasten to add):

pink and purple outfitWhat to wear with Dune’s ‘Breanna’ court shoes: purple and pink outfit

♥  Dona Karan purple stretch jersey dress  ♥  Black Five studded envelope clutch   ♥  Miadora bracelet  ♥  Chandelier earrings  ♥  Nails Inc polish duo

Pink and purple is such a fabulous colour combination: the two shades are similar enough to work really well together, but different enough to contrast nicely. It’s a particularly nice combination for those who want to try something other than black with these shoes, but who don’t want the result to look too garish – although that’s not to say a black dress (or, alternatively, the black version of the shoes with this dress) wouldn’t look good, too!

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