Zara lemon yellow leather ballet flats

zara lemon yellow ballet flats

zara lemon yellow ballet flats

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Zara lemon yellow ballet flats, £29.99

I think I’m going to have to stop saying there aren’t enough lemon coloured clothes and shoes in the world, because ever since I made that observation a few weeks ago, I’ve been finding lemony goodness everywhere I look.

This latest example is from Zara and as there’s really not a whole lot to be said about a pair of basic ballet flats, I may as well ‘fess up and tell you that the main reason I’m featuring these here today is because I’d bookmarked this skirt earlier in the day, and they seemed like the perfect shoes for it:

blue polka dot skirt and yellow flats

♥  Vivetta pale blue polka dot skirt  ♥  RED Valentino cropped cardigan Contessa cat eye sunglasses ♥  Dorothy Perkins shoulder bag ♥  Kate Spade watch

Now, as cute as this skirt is to look at, I have a feeling it could be a little tricky to style:  in fact, there’s a danger of it looking a little bit cartoonish if you’re not careful, which is why I’ve played it safe here with mostly black accents, other than the shoes themselves, and a matching watch. The result is still very matchy, obviously, which I know doesn’t appeal go everyone, but luckily these shoes would work well with lots of other pieces, too: although pale blue and yellow is something of a favourite of mine, I think they’d provide an excellent contrast with black or navy, and they’d also look pretty good with most pastel shades – try a mint green, if you’re not too worried about looking like a daffodil.

If you’re just not into lemon at all, meanwhile, you’ll be pleased to hear that these also come in tan, which is an even more versatile colour, and a great shade for the coming autumn.

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