ASOS ‘Picture Perfect’ high heels with bow ankle strap

ASOS Picture Perfect bow pumps

ASOS ‘Picture Perfect’ ankle bow pumps, £45

These shoes are also available in an ivory upper, which would make them a beautiful choice as budget bridal shoes . This black version, however, is… well, I hesitate to call them “Picture Perfect’, as their name suggests, but they’re certainly as pretty as a picture, with their statement-making satin bow sitting on the ankle.

These have a very high (4.5″) stiletto heel, and a long, pointed toe, and they fasten via a zip at the back of the ankle, so you don’t have to disturb the perfection of that bow every time you put them on or take them off. Without that bow, this would be a rather plain, although still sophisticated, looking shoe. The addition of the bow, however, adds a frivolity that would otherwise be missing, and dresses-up the effect very nicely. With that said, they’re not so fancy they’d overshadow the outfit you chose to wear with them, which means they should prove to be a very versatile addition to any wardrobe.

Here’s one way to wear them:

ASOS Picture Perfect pumps

What to wear with ASOS ‘Picture Perfect’ pumps: classic/retro-inspired look:

♥  Tibi jacquard full skirt   ♥  Miss Selfridge bardot top   ♥  Christian Louboutin clutch bag   ♥  Lancome lipstick   ♥  Marc Jacobs nail polish   ♥  Benefit ‘They’re Real’ push-up liner 

Although black pumps will work with a multitude of different shades, hence their popularity, I’ve chosen to pair these with an all-black outfit. Head-to-toe black can be a rather severe look, and, despite what fashion magazines like to tell us, it’s definitely NOT a shade that looks good on everyone, but if you can pull off black, I think the bows on the shoes and bag, combined with the fullness of the skirt, will help soften up the look, as well as creating a very dramatic, stylish silhouette.


  • I can’t quite tell from the picture but I’m guessing these have a rather substantial ankle strap supporting that bow. For me that means they’re out.

  • How is the shoe in America dollars the black bow ancle pump are shoes true to size and how much for shipping to USA

    • No being American, or employed by ASOS, I have absolutely no way of answering these questions. Perhaps the brand that sells them would be a more logical place to ask this?

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