Ruthie Davis teal patent ‘Avatar’ platforms

Ruthie Davis Avatar

It’s not often I encounter a shoe that has me thinking, “Now, how in the world are you supposed to walk in those?” but I have to admit that the extreme slope on the platform of Ruthie Davis‘s ‘Avatar’ pumps has me wondering. This “rocking horse” style of platform is certainly more elegant than a regular sole (imagine the front of this shoe with a “normal” platform, and you’ll see how much clumsier it would look), but this one is so high, and so steep, that it looks like it might tip you forward if you got just a little off-balance.

Still, I’m sure Ruthie Davis wouldn’t be selling shoes which were impossible to walk in, so I’m going to give these the benefit of the doubt, and just admire how they look. And wow, but these shoes deserve a lot of admiration: they’re seriously stunning, both in terms of the colour and of the shape:



These are $695: click here to buy them.


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