KG by Kurt Geiger rabbit print platform ‘Indie’ sandals

Clunk shape? Chunky heel? Quirky animal print? It’s all gone a little bit Miu Miu around here, hasn’t it?

Of course, Kurt Geiger’s ‘Indie’ platform sandals wouldn’t be mistaken for Miu Miu, but they do buy into the same kind of aesthetic the designer brand has been famous for this season, albeit KG are using rabbits rather than cats or swallows as their animal print of choice.

A year or so ago, I’d probably have been rolling my eyes at these and saying, “Rabbits? Really?” but there’s a phenomenon in fashion which I think of as “adjustment of the eye”, whereby repeated exposure to a particular trend makes it slowly start to seem more appealing to you, even although you may have hated it at first sight. (I think skinny jeans are a great example of this for me: when they first started to become popular I actually laughed at the thought of wearing them – now they’re the only kind of jeans I EVER wear) I think that’s started to happen for me with this style of shoe, and with animal prints in general, so rather than looking at these and just seeing an oddly clumpy shoe, I’m actually finding myself thinking of ways to wear them, instead.

What about you? If you like these too, then simply click here to buy them for £130.


  • Oh, I pretty much know this phenomenon as well… concerning platforms (and many other things!) Now I loooove them! When they first appeared I thought “will never wear this trend!” Now I almost only buy platforms… (they make me taller, anyway!)
    That’s why I won’t judge the shoes/sandals now… I kind of like them and could picture myself “wearing the sweet rabbits”… yes!

  • I had the exact same thing with skinny jeans. And leggings. (though I am stopping wearing leggings again now, I’ve realised at least in my case, I was right originally).
    I think these shoes would’ve been better in a different colour, but I do like the rabbit print – very cute.

  • Omg me too about the skinny leg jeans! I was like “Noooooo, they’ll make me look fat” but now I only buy skinny leg jeans.
    I always liked the pattern on the iconi Miu Miu shoes but I hated the thick heel. These have a much nicer heel and are very cute.

  • I do kind of like these, certainly the basic shoe is gorgeous and the rabbit print is not too bad. I think I prefer the Miu Miu variant though.

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