Isabel Marant red suede ‘Poppy’ court shoes

If you’d taken a look inside the Shoeper Shoe Closet a few years ago, almost all of the shoes inside would have had super-pointy toes. I used to wear pointed toes almost exclusively: in fact, I can remember worrying about what I’d do if shops ever stopped making them, because I loved them that much.

Of course, shops did continue to make them, but as fashion turned to rounder toes and chunkier soles, we started to see less and less of our pointy-toed friends, and I found that my tastes started to change too, to the point where I don’t actually own very many shoes in this style any more, if any at all. If I was going to start buying them again, however, I think these Isabel Marant suede pumps could be a great place to start. It would be stating the obvious to say I love the colour, but I’m also keen on that lovely knotted bow to the side of each shoe, and the suede uppers give them a luxurious feel, too.

I think shoes of this shape look particularly good with wide-legged or bootcut trousers: these would look fantastic peeking out of the bottom of a pair of tailored black pants or dark-wash jeans! They’re £390 at Net-a-Porter.


  • I also had my phase of pointy-toe… although these shoes look beautiful, I wouldn’t buy them, because of the toe… but, as I said, anyway, they look classy! (Great quality, one can see!)

  • i really like them…it would be great if there were always more of a variety of pointed, round and square toed shoes available…i like a variety of styles and it sucks that when a toe trend takes on steam you tend to see only that cut in the stores

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