Giuseppe Zanotti red patent knee high boots

As a full-time Shoeperhero, I’ve always felt like I really should own a pair of red, knee-high boots. You know, to wear with my bright blue unitard and red cape? Honestly, it’s hard to hold my head up amongst the other superheros without one. The annual superhero Christmas party is a nightmare for me, seriously… If only I had £595, with which to buy these Red Boots Of Wonder by Giuseppe Zanotti! Then all my troubles would be over, and Superman would no longer be the only red-booted superhero, which, quite frankly, would do him good.


The colour and finish of these boots actually makes them pretty hard to pull off, I think. Had they been red suede, say, or even a soft, matte leather, it would’ve been a little easier, but that bright patent could end up looking cheap if you weren’t careful, and “cheap” is the very last thing you’d want your £595 boots to look, isn’t it?

That said, they’re the most interesting boots I’ve seen all year, and possibly for even longer than that, and they ARE just begging to worn with a cape, so I think they’ve earned their place on Shoeperwoman’s shoe blog, if not on Shoeperwoman’s feet.

What do you think of them?

(Click here to buy them from Giuseppe Zanotti)


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