Kandee purple suede ‘Bubblegum’ shoes

If these shoes weren’t £129.99, they would be on my feet right now. Or they would be on their way to my feet, at the very least.

The demi platform is something we’ve seen many times before, of course: most notably on Charlotte Olympia’s creations. It’s less usual to see this style of shoe combined with a chunkier heel, and that, combined with the beautiful colour, is what makes these shoes special for me. It’s just a really nice silhouette, which is simple, but still has plenty of impact:

There’s only one small problem with these. As you know, one of my shoeperpowers is the ability to walk in very high heels. BUT .These babies are 6″, and while there’s also a 1″ platform, that still leaves you with 5″ to balance on, and judging by the angle of the slope,  that could just feel ankle-breaking. I’d definitely be willing to give it a try, though, and if you would too, you can click here to buy yourself a pair!


  • Also even for me they are too high! Such a pity, because I love half-platforms and was looking for something fuchsia…! The price is also OK, but definitely, they are too high for me!

  • hands up if you squinted and used your hand to block out the platform to gage the true angle your foot would be at…these look a bit perilous! I’m totally game as they are so fab tho…

  • They are great shoes. I think the platform is much higher than 1 inch though. Look more like 1 and three quarters.

    I have worn shoes with more of a rise than that and I’m a boy!

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