Casadei sculpted heel pumps

red casadei pumps with sculpted heel

casadei red high heel shoes

Far Fetch have described these, somewhat confusingly, as “sculpted sole pumps”, but as far as I can see, what they REALLY are is a slightly different take on the famous ‘Blade’ pumps which I love so much.

The main difference here is that the heel, which is very narrow and lethal-looking on the original ‘Blade’, is much wider and flatter on the this version. The basic shape, is the same, starting off wide at the bottom and tapering at the top, but that small difference in size makes quite a big difference to the appearance of the shoe, which is less delicate, and more stylized in appearance than the thinner-heeled version.

I really love the drama of these shoes, which is emphasized by the red patent upper. If that seems a little too bold for everyday use, however, these are also available in black, and retail for £481. What do you think of them?

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