River Island gold diamanté barely-there sandals

gold barely-there sandals

River Island sandals, £55

I think my feelings about barely-there sandals have finally come full-circle, just as my feelings about pointed toes did last year.

Back in my university days, I used to love the barely-there look. I had a pair of gold sandals from Office which were fairly similar to the River Island shoes shown above, and they were my go-to evening shoes for YEARS. I got rid of them a few years ago, when they’d finally started to fall apart, and I didn’t mind too much, because by then my tastes had started to change, and the delicate, strappy look had fallen out of favour.

Now, however, that look is back with a vengeance, and although it’s taken me a while to warm up to it, I’ve actually found myself liking it more and more recently. These River Island sandals are a classic evening look. There’s not a whole lot of shoe there to look at, but what there IS definitely makes up for that, with the delicate rows of diamanté studs on the straps providing a bit of glitz on a shoe that’s designed not to draw too much attention to itself.

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