Kate Spade ‘Go’ taxi cab flats

taxi flats

Kate Spade ‘Go’, £193.61

Kate Spade is a brand which veers from one extreme to another when it comes to shoes. Some styles are classic and beautiful, while others… look exactly like a taxi cab.

These shoes, of course, fall into the latter category. They’re called ‘Go’, and the bright yellow uppers have been inspired by a New York taxi. I say “inspired” – it’s a fairly literal interpretation, which doesn’t really leave much to the imagination: and just in case you were in any doubt, the word “taxi” on the toe should help to set your mind at rest.

As always with this kind of shoe, they’re the kind of thing I can imagine someone buying/wearing as a joke, but which I really can’t imagine paying close to £200 for. That said, I can’t imagine paying that much for ANY flats, let alone novelty ones: and the fact that these are in a colour which can be difficult to wear at the best of times makes me really curious to see someone actually wearing them.

What do you think of these? Would you wear them, and if so, what would you wear them with?

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  • Honestly, these don’t bother me nearly as much as they should. They have a lovely, easy-to-wear shape, and are well designed considering they are taxis. I think they could be a really fun option to wear casually, or even at work if you’re in a creative field with a lax dress code. Just keep the rest of the outfit simple 🙂

  • No, I would never wear them. I see Alexa Chung wearing them as she only ever seems to wear flats, and surely needs something different every now and then.

  • Normally, novelty shoes don’t do it for me, at all, even if they’re by Charlotte Olympia. For some reason, though, I find I’m not too bothered by these. In fact, I can see myself wearing them, which worries me a little. But really, I can imagine wearing these with dark skinny jeans and a casual blazer, and not feel like an idiot. I think I like them.

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