Head Over Heels ‘Beachie’ sweetheart pumps

red sweetheart pumps

blue high heel pumps

Head Over Heels, £35

I’m a sucker for a sweeheart vamp.

And a red upper.

And a blue upper, for that matter.

Put it all together, and give it an affordable, £35 price tag, and I’ll be one happy Shoeperhero. Oh, and just to make it even better, these shoes also come in black suede effect and a silver glittered leather – faux, of course. The one downside to shoes at this price is that they’re more than likely to have man-made uppers. Personally, as long as they’re comfortable and look good, I don’t have a problem with that: in fact, my main problem with these shoes would be working out whether to get them in red or black.

Oh, who am I kidding? I’d probably end up getting both, wouldn’t I? And maybe the blue pair, too…

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