Miss KG ‘Arianna’ suede bow platforms

Kurt Geiger have a lot of great shoes in stock at the moment, which is why I’m doing everything I can to resist the temptation of even LOOKING at their website too often.

As you can see, however, curiosity got the better of me this morning, and I found myself cooing over these ‘Arianna’ platforms. These are in the same kind of style as the ‘Minnie’ platforms I love so much, but they have a slightly shorter heel, and the bow is the same shade as the upper, rather than contrasting with it. I’m not normally a “pink” girl, but the particular shade of pink used on these is one that even I’d struggle to resist, and makes the lilac version pale in comparison, although I bet it also looks lovely in real life.

Want to find out? As these are from the Miss KG range, they’re a little less expensive than some of Kurt Geiger’s other offerings, and you can click here to buy a pair for £65.


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