Office ‘Alignment’ cap toe platform wedges

These shoes trouble me.

For one thing, they sort of look like a cartoon version of a cap-toed pump. Like, if you asked a little kid to draw a pair of white shoes with a black toe, this the the kind of thing he’d come up with. And if your shoes look like they belong on a cartoon character, well, there’s a good chance that YOU’LL look like the cartoon character they belong on, isn’t there? I somehow doubt that’s ANYONE’S main style aspiration. Well, OK, maybe Katy Perry’s, but celebrities don’t count.

There’s another reason why these shoes bother me, though. It’s the nose. I mean, it DOES look like a nose, doesn’t it? In fact, it looks a bit like my dog’s nose, and while that’s perfectly cute on him, I can’t say I’ve ever looked at it and thought, “You know, that would look great on a pair of wedges!”

Is it just me? Office are urging people to snap these up “before they’re all gone”, so I’m thinking maybe it is. If you want to obey them, these are also available in black, and you can click here to buy them for £95.


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