Heroes or Villains? Topshop’s ‘Wanda’ raised platform wedges


Can you believe these are from Topshop? Well, actually, I kind of can, purely because Topshop are becoming well-known for their weird and often wonderful shoes, but if I hadn’t known where these ones were from, I’d easily have believed they were a designer shoe.

But what do you think of them? They look a little bit like two different shoes stuck together tome: a wooden-soled wedge sitting on top of a platform heel. And although I like the mixed metallics, I’m just not sure how I feel about the rest. So tell me: are these shoe heroes or villains? You’ll find a poll under the jump, but feel free to leave a comment explaining your decision!

(Oh: the shoes are £85 and you can buy them here.)


  • Neither heroes, nor villains… I quite enjoy looking at them, but wouldn’t really wear them. If they were two separate pairs, however, I think I would love both!

  • They look like 70’s Disco platforms, down to the color. But that’s not necessarily a bad thing. If you’ve got the chutspah to wear them, more power to ya. I’m not gonna mess with the person who’d wear those shoes.

  • Villains! I’m stuck in 2006, when I felt super edgy for buying pumps with a tiny platform under the toe.

    Also, because I thought shoes should be (a) walkable in. at least for an evening (b) work with many different outfits, until they fall apart.

    Call me grandma, I don’t care!

  • Neither. If it weren’t for the weird things at the bottom of the wedge, it’d be a very beautiful shoe. Nonetheless, I like the mixed metallics and it’s still a very interesting shoe.

  • Hero!!! I love these shoes and they sold out too quickly last time they were on the site. However, Shoeperwoman is now the Villain, for making me want these and begging the hubby to let me buy them lol!

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