Martin Margiela transparent heel wedge shoes

martin-margiela-transparentI have something of a love/hate relationship with Martin Margiela. I can generally be relied upon to hate any clothes he happens to have designed, but when it comes to the shoes, it’s a different story altogether, and I quite often find myself loving them. I think this is why I’m addicted to shoes above any other fashion item: it’s just that little bit easier to get away with a pair of outrageous shoes than an outrageous piece of clothing.

My relationship with transparent heels, however, is much less complex: I hate them. They almost always cheapen the look of the shoe for me, and they all too often just end up looking like stripper shoes.

Not these ones, though. No, I think I just might love these. Making the transparent heel a wedge was Margiela’s masterstroke here, because these look neither cheap nor stripper-esque, and instead have ended up looking like something you might want to put on display in your house, never mind wearing them on your feet. The nude uppers, meanwhile, combined with the transparent heels, will give these a “barely there” look when they’re on, making you look like you’re walking on air.

A tentative thumbs-up from me, then, although I’m not sure I’d actually wear them for all that. What about you?

BUY: Martin Margiela transparent heel shoes, £224



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