Brian Atwood high heeled tartan court shoes

brian-atwood-court-shoesI’ve never been a big fan of tartan. I’m not sure if it’s a Scottish thing: we tend to associate tartan with tacky souvenirs, and view it as something that should only ever be worn ironically (or, if you’re a man, to weddings), and given that some tartans can be very garish anyway, well, it’s just never been my favourite print.


For some reason, I’m finding myself really drawn to these Brian Atwood court shoes. I know I shouldn’t, but the colours are fairly muted, and the shape is lovely, which makes me think they could be a nice shoe for winter, worn with cream tights and a grey skirt or dress.

The fact that they’re £368 means I’ll never get to put that theory to the test, but if you’d like to try them for me, you can buy them at Colette.


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