Shoe Deja Vu: Christian Louboutin’s ‘Differa’ Vs Faith’s ‘Linky’


This one could be pushing it slightly on the comparison front, as there are a few big differences between these two shoes, but I definitely experienced a sense of deja vu when I looked at Faith’s ‘Linky’ sandals, so here they are!

They remind me of Christian Louboutin’s ‘Differa’, only with one less ankle strap, and a slightly different arrangement at the toe. Faith have also used a snake-print leather, although they’ve kept the red sole (which they have on all of their shoes, not just these ones).  These are available in silver and black, and are £80. The Louboutins, meanwhile, are no longer available, but would’ve set you back $1, 495. Ouch.

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