Sergio Rossi Bridal Crystal-Coated Satin Sandals

silver toe detail on bridal shoe

white bridal sandals

Silver bridal sandals

Sergio Rossi sandals, £1,038

There’s no mistaking these sandals as anything other than bridal shoes (Although I think they’d also work for a very fancy party of some description), which is bad news for the non-brides amongst us, but good news for those of you who have a very good reason to be looking at white, sparkly shoes.

These are both white and sparkly, but they’re also £1,038, which makes them more expensive than some wedding dresses. (Actually, it makes them more expensive than some second-hand CARS .Gulp.) Whether or not they’re worth the investment is up to you to decide, but taking the price tag out of it, I think they’re absolutely gorgeous. I love the way the diamanté design twists from the toe of the shoe to the heel, before finally winding its way down the stiletto. Far too pretty to be hidden under a long gown, these are the kind of shoes that deserve to be seen: don’t worry, though, you can always put them out on display somewhere after the wedding!

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