Shoe Kryptonite: Bruno Frisoni black patent shoes with button detail

bruno-frisoni-patent-sandalOne of my favourite shoe designers, and one of my very favourite of his creations…

These are by Bruno Frisoni, and are actually an older design, which is why you can now buy them at a discount – they’re now £234 compared to the original price of £460.

This is one of those shoes I can imagine wearing again and again: they’re super-simple, but they’re also super-sexy, with that stiletto heel and black patent upper.  I suspect they’d very quickly become my “go-to” evening shoes if I was to buy then, and I love the little button on the front.

As I said, these are older stock, and are on sale, so not all sizes are currently available. To check if yours is, take a look here.


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