Unusual Shoes Tuesday | RED Valentino Snow White Disney patent-leather pumps

Following on from last week’s ‘Unusual Shoes’ post, I thought I might give the weird and (occasionally) wonderful designs out there a regular slot here at ShoeperWoman. Today, then, I introduce ‘Unusual Shoes Tuesday’, and also these RED Valentino pumps, inspired by Disney’s Snow White:

RED Valentino Snow White Disney patent-leather pumps unusual shoes: black pumps with Disney dwarf heel

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RED Valentino Snow White Disney patent-leather pumps, £360

Yes, that’s Dopey propping up the heel, and I would imagine these shoes will be one of those styles that might split opinion because of that. For myself, while I love Disney AND I love RED Valentino, I DON’T tend to love what I think of as “novelty shoes”, by which I mean shoes which have faces, or other non-shoe-like characteristics, and you can call me “boring” if you will (Hey, I’ve been called worse!), but I also prefer a heel to LOOK like a heel, not like a dwarf, say. I know plenty of people who love this kind of style –  Irregular Choice, for instance, have been releasing shoes with “character” heels for a long time now, and they’ve been hugely popular – but personally, I can never seem to escape the feeling that the wearer of the shoe is basically grinding their heel down on the poor dwarf/bunny/unicorn/whatever-it-is, which kinda spoils the effect for me!

Of course, that’s purely a personal taste thing, and I’m sure those who love this kind of style would argue that it’s unique, quirky, and a great way to make a boring black pump a whole lot more interesting. Where do you stand on this one? Are you enchanted by the Disney figure propping up the shoe, or do you prefer a more classic approach, in which a heel looks looks like a heel, and you don’t have to worry about squashing poor Dopey when you walk?

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