Melissa Incense red flock bow heels

Melissa Incense red flock bow heels

Melissa Incense red flock bow heels

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Melissa Incense red flock bow heels, £99.99

Despite being a huge fan of Melissa shoes in general (I don’t know how I’d get through a rainy day without my ‘Raspberry’ pumps, or wear a full skirt without my Lady Dragons…), I haven’t featured this style much – if at all. I’m correcting that now, however, because while the shape of these “Incense” heels is pretty standard, and one that Melissa release every season, the bow is a whole other story.

This is very much a “heels first” kind of shoe: from the front and side, they’re cute, slightly cartoonish, and with bags of character, true. From the back, though, they’re absolutely adorable, with the kind of sweet little double-bows that are always a sure route to ShoeperWoman’s heart.

As much as I love looking at these, however, I can’t look at them without thinking of Minnie Mouse (Well, I DID say they were a little cartoonish!), which is why I’ve chosen to style them with something quite classic, in an attempt to downplay that ever-so-slightly:

nautical stripes and red shoes

♥  French Connection stripe dress   ♥  Penny Penny red iPhone case John Lewis cross-body bag  ♥  Fendi scarf 

I got really excited when I first laid eyes on this French Connection dress: it look like it’s right up my street, with its full skirt, fitted bodice and nautical-inspired  stripes. Alas, the photo of it on the model reveals that it’s much too short for me: I’ve used it anyway, though, because I think these shoes have a very youthful feel to them, which might make a shorter hem less of an issue to the person who ends up buying them.

If that dress was a few inches longer, though, I’m not sure I’d be able to hold myself back…

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