Shoeper Shoe Challenge # 43: Thrift store shoes

What: Black and white polka dot wedges (thrift store)
When: Thursday, August 19th, 2010
Where: Working, walking the dog
With: Capri pants and cardigan (both Zara); tank top (H&M); belt and scarf (no idea); usual sunglasses

The kids around here went back to school yesterday, which is a sure sign for me that the summer is drawing to a close. It’s also a good sign that I really need to get a move on and wear all of those remaining sandals and other summery shoes before I run out of time. If there are suddenly a lot more Shoe Challenge posts than usual around here, then, don’t say I didn’t warn you…

These are the polka dot wedges I bought while thrifting in Edinburgh earlier this month. They’re actually not the easiest shoes to wear, because I have to tie the ribbons pretty tight to make sure they stay on my feet, but they’re not too bad, either.

“Just sit on that rock,” said Shoeperman. “Because that won’t be awkward at all!” Little did he know that he would have to carry me on his back through undergrowth just to get there!

Those fluffy things in the foreground are thistles that are starting to die off. Sob!

Oh, I’m going to miss the summer…

(P.S. Out-takes and extras will be up soon at my Facebook page, and by “soon” I mean “just as soon as I work out what I did to break it…)


  • I agree with Ally! Go on posting Shoe Challenge pics, I love them! So sweet these shoes, and you matched everything perfectly as usual! You know what I was thinking after the “dress! Dress!” day… I was amazed that the kid even knew the word and meaning of “dress”. Exposed to trousers the whole time… it wouldn’t be a surprise if the kid didn’t know…
    Yes, summer is… almost gone. Next week I’ll have problems to pack… to a very nice time again, with or without sun! πŸ˜‰ And I will have Non-Casual Fridays, such a good idea you gave! Thanks!

  • Polka dots always cheer me up as did the ‘look mummy dress’ story. When I first starting working in law offices 20 years ago women were not allowed to wear trousers. We’d do the sneaky culottes, skorts thing. Now, as your other commenters have noted (I think it was Denise) we are getting out of the habit.

    If anyone can help bring back the hats, the gloves and the scarfs it’s you Shoeperwoman. The a casual seemingly laissez-faire approach that you have to accessorising is inspiring.

  • You look great as always.
    Summer is drawing to an end here too, 12 degrees and wind yesterday, too cold to wear ballerinas anymore. :o(

    I love how you’ve styled the shoes, I can’t look at them without being afraid they’d fall off, so no tie-on shoes for me ^^

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