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floral midi dress with cap sleeves

Dress: Horrockses at ASOS

I’m not sure if Horrockses is a new brand to anyone else, but its definitely new to me, and when I came across their offerings at ASOS last week, I felt a bit like I’d discovered dress heaven. I mean, just look at this dress! The 50s-inspired cut! The full skirt! The cap sleeves! That gorgeous poppy print! This is truly a shoeper dream dress, and although at £125  it’s a little more expensive than most of the dresses you’ll find at ASOS, I have a feeling it just might be worth the investment – especially if you have a summer wedding, or other special event coming up soon. The fabric is duchess satin, so this should feel every bit as good as it looks, too – and while this is my favourite of the Horrockses collection, there’s plenty more where it came from. Look at this one, for instance:

50s inspired floral dress

[buy it here]

This one has a stappy halter neckline, attached to the same kind of 50s-style full skirt. I particularly like the use of the floral print here, which will help create the illusion of an hourglass figure, even if you don’t have one.

Although I’ve described Horrockses as a “dress brand”, that’s not all they sell. There’s also this skirt and top combo, for instance:

skirt and top co-ord set

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I’m a big fan of co-ords, which give you the look of a dress, but with the versatility of a skirt and top. This particular top is a little too boxy for my tastes, but I absolutely love the print, and it would be so easy to combine both of these pieces with other items from your closet, to create slightly different looks.

The Horrockses collection is exclusive to ASOS, and you can see the full selection here – happy shopping!

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