Weekly Wishlist

It totally figures that as soon I decide to start posting my weekly ASOS wishlist, I run out of ASOS products to covet!  I’m sure it won’t be long before ASOS start placing temptation in my way again, but let’s just make this a more general wishlist instead, rather than restricting it to just the one brand. Work for you? It works for me, so here’s a quick look at what I’m coveting right now:

Topshop box pleat swimsuit

Topshop box pleat swimsuit, £36

I think I may have shown you one of these swimsuits before: Topshop have been making this style for a while now, and there are currently lots of different colour options on the site. This mint and white version is my favourite, though: love that retro-inspired shape!

ASOS polka dot dress spot print

ASOS bandeau midi dress in spot print, £25

OK, I did find one thing to add to my ASOS list this week: this sweet bandeau midi dress in my favourite polka dot print! This is just £25, and would be the perfect thing to throw in your suitcase if you’re going on holiday – it’ll dress up or down really easily!

baby blue midi dress

 Dorothy Perkins baby blue midi dress, £25

I really love the colour and shape of this dress, and I also like the price. The one thing I’m less keen on is the sheer strip around the hem: I know this look has been really popular over the last year or so, and is often seen as a nice way to modernize the midi, but there’s always been something just a little bit “off” about it to me, and I almost always think dresses and skirts which have this feature would look better without it. With that said, at £25, I could still be persuaded to at least try this one on! (Oh, and it also comes in mint green!)

Finally, another Dorothy Perkins pick, in the shape of this necklace:

pastel flower necklace

Pastel flower stone necklace, £16

I really want to start wearing more accessories, particularly necklaces. It’s something I’m really lazy about at the moment, and because costume jewellery is often almost as expensive as a new dress, or top, or other item, I’ll always talk myself out of buying it, in favour of clothes! This little necklace, however, is just £16, and would work really well with all of the pastels I’ve been wearing, so I’m very tempted by it: it could be a nice start to my possible future necklace collection!

Oh, and in fantasy-shopping territory:

Niholas navy silk stripe ball skirt

Nicholas stripe silk ball skirt, $566

It’s pure skirt kryptonite!

What’s on your wish list this week?

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