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silver sequinned trousers by H&M

H&M silver sequinned trousers, £29.99

Silver sequinned trousers – or ANY colour of sequinned trousers, come to think of it – are something of a departure for a Shoeper Shopping pick, it’s true. I mean, I usually go for dresses. Or full skirts, at the very least. I actually kind of loved these, though, when I spotted them on the H&M website last week, and I particularly like the way they’ve styled them here: worn super-simply, with a plain pair of black pumps, and a slouchy grey sweater.

I think “simple” is probably the best word to keep in mind when wearing something like this. They’re such a statement on their own that they don’t need much in the way of accessories – and they definitely don’t need to be worn with anything else sequinned! Styled with a plain top and shoes, though, I think they could be a great addition to your party season wardrobe: they’re a refreshing change from party dresses, and although they sparkle from top to bottom, they’re a little more laid back than than the classic dress-and-heels combo, too. I’ve been leaning towards more casual looks lately, and generally tend to swap dresses for trousers at this time of year anyway, so the idea of including trousers in an evening look really appeals to me.

Here’s how I’d wear them:

what to wear with sequinned trousers


I used to avoid anything sequinned – including shoes – because I couldn’t shake the idea that the sequins automatically made the item “tacky”. Over the past few years, though, I’ve been slowly building up a small collection of sequinned shoes, and last Christmas I bought a sequinned midi skirt, which I love – and which turned out to be surprisingly wearable. Might sequinned trousers be the next move, I wonder?

What do you think of these? Would you wear  them? And how would you style them, if so?

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