Winter Trend | Faux fur coats and jackets

Faux fur coats and jackets are a big trend for autumn/winter 2014: but what do you think of them?

Last week, this long faux fur coat – described as “the one you’ve all been waiting for” – arrived on the River Island website, with the brand urging shoppers to grab it quick, before it sells out completely:

long faux fur coat from River Island

It’s just one of a large number of faux fur coats and jackets which have been popping up on the UK high street, so it looks like faux fur is having a bit of a “trend” moment. Although synthetic fur, like the one used in River Island’s coat, and all of the other coats and jackets in this post, doesn’t harm animals, however, I was interested to see a comment on River Island’s Facebook page, accusing them of “promoting the fact that it would look good to wear an animal”. This is an argument I’ve heard a few times, and it basically suggests that by “glamorising” the look of fur, faux fur makes it more likely that people will want to wear the real thing.

I’m not sure I agree with this. I love the look of faux fur, and own a couple of cropped faux fur jackets, but I wouldn’t ever buy or wear real fur. (As I’ve mentioned before, I DO wear leather, and I’m not a vegetarian, so I realise this is somewhat hypocritical of me, but it’s purely a personal thing, and I just couldn’t bring myself to wear a real fur coat.) That may not be the case for everyone, obviously, but with so many great looking fur alternatives on the market, I think it should be possible to wear faux fur coats without feeling guilty about it, and for those who agree, here are some of the faux fur coats for women currently available on the UK high street!

selection of faux fur coats UK

leopard faux fur coat  // Dalmatian  faux fur coat  // mint faux fur jacket  // grey faux fur coat  // black faux fur coat  // pink faux fur coat

Once again, Miss Selfridge leads the field this season when it comes to outerwear: just check out that dalmatian coat – Cruella de Vil  or what? I have to admit, though, that I have a huge soft spot for the mint green jacket (which is also from Miss S…): I just can’t quite decide whether coloured faux fur is super-tacky, or really quite fabulous…

What do you think of faux fur coats and jackets?



  • I’ve heard to “fake fur is glamourizing real fur!” argument too, but I don’t agree with it. Actually I think it’s great for people who like the look of fur to have the option of buying fake fur instead of the real thing.

    My only problem with fake fur is that I’m afraid that if I wore it people would think I was wearing real fur, which I would never do because that’s disgusting.

  • What a coat! If I didn’t live so close to the equator, I wouldn’t think twice about making the purchase….

    As for the argument that faux fur is bad because it glamorises the wearing of fur, as with the both of you, I disagree.I am glad there is a “faux fur” option in the world of fashion, because I like it, real fur is gorgeous, too, but I believe it should stay on the body of the live animal it belongs to.

    I am not vegetarian, and I do wear leather, and while I really wanted to participate in the conversation everyone was having in one of your more recent posts about wearing real fur, I was, and still am!, afraid of all the potential aggressive comments I could get for daring to express my opinion! But basically, I don’t believe in killing animals purely for vanity purposes, and I am also firmly against the torturous treatment of animals, for ANY purpose. This is why I take efforts to know where the meat I consume has come from, & why I don’t wear snakeskin or angora fur – it is still not common place for clothes manufacturers to state where their animal furs/skins have come from, and some countries with very lax regulations have some horrendous practices when it comes to the treatment of animals kept for commercial purposes.

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