Dress of the Day | Hybrid ‘Roaslie’ dress in baby blue

Hybrid Rosalie dress

Hybrid ‘Rosalie’ dress, £145

I was determined to find a non-floral dress to show you today (Which is harder than you might think at this time of year, actually: sure, there are lots of other prints and colours around, but those darn florals still seem to be everywhere!), so here’s Hybrid’s ‘Rosalie’ dress, which also comes in pink, navy and ivory.

Different dress brands are good at different things, and Hybrid’s biggest strength tends to be the shift dress. They usually have lots of different versions in stock at any given time, and although their shift dresses come in a range of different colours, prints and styles, they all have the same very “grown up” elegance to them. I’ve chosen this one as our Dress of the Day pick, partly because I love the baby blue colour, but also because of that fold-over satin neckline. With a dress like this, the shape of the neckline can make a big difference to the overall effect, and, in this case, it takes the dress from nice-but-plain to something special.

Along similar lines is the ‘Atherton’ dress:

Hybrid Atherton dress

This is currently on sale, so don’t be disappointed if your size isn’t available (these dresses do tend to turn up on eBay fairly often, though). It also comes in a couple of different colours, and, like the dress above, is a simple shift with a stand-out neckline, and it also has a folded detail at the mid-section, which is a detail I find really flattering, especially if you’re a little self-conscious about your belly!

Hybrid dresses tend to be really popular as wedding guest attire, so if you have a wedding to go to, and neither of these are to your liking, you might want to take a look at the rest of the site – there are plenty of styles to choose from!

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  • Love the Atherton dress! Also, when I was 14 I had a coach named Mr. Atherton. We all had t-shirts made saying “I’m an Atherton Clone” I thought they (the shirts) were so cool at the time.

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