Jolie Moi Twist Knot Bardot Prom Dress

Jolie Moi twist-front bardot prom dress

Jolie Moi Twist Knot Bardot Prom Dress, £39.99

Can you believe this dress is on sale for just £39.99? Or that, despite that, it’s still available in most sizes? It is, although it might not be available for too long at that price – that daisy-print skirt and off-the shoulder top are just perfect for spring, so I’m amazed this one hasn’t been snapped up already! (Oh, and it’s also available – and also gorgeous – in navy.)

Jolie Moi is another one of those brands that makes great dresses (often with a bit of vintage-inspired appeal, like this one), at very affordable prices. And when you see the kind of skirts they make, too, you’ll have no problem understanding why I like them:

polka dot circle skirt

A polka dot circle skirt, for £36? You can count me in: or rather, you would have been able to count me in, but this one is also on sale, and this time it’s NOT available in my size: darn it! Let’s see what else Jolie Moi have to offer, though…

butterfly print dress

Well, there’s this butterfly print dress, for one thing. It’s down to £50 in the sale, and is also available in a purple floral print version. When lower-priced brands makes this style of dress, they have a tendency to make them super-short (perhaps to save on fabric, I’m not sure), so I’m happy to see that this dress is at least knee-length, making it the perfect length to wear with your highest of heels.

floral bodycon dress

Finally, this dress is in limited availability, but it does come in three other prints, so hopefully you’ll be able to find your size in one of them. It’s down to £34.99 in the House of Fraser sale, and I really like the navy floral print, which will work with a variety of different shoe colours.

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  • So happy to know that House of Fraser has decent dresses at good deal. If only they’ve free international shipping like ASOS does. Well, I know where to shop when my friends are going home in the UK again.

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