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Spring handbags


I mean, I’ve always liked handbags as much as the next woman, but for most of my life until now, it was always shoes that set my heart on fire, so as long as I had one decent handbag I could rely on, I was happy. Shoes still DO set my heart racing, of course (Well, some of them do, anyway), but these days I’m finding that the handbag obsession has started to take over. I’m blaming the weather for this. As much as I love my shoes, the vast majority of them are totally impractical for much of the year, and the older I get, the more reluctant I am to spend money on shoes that will just end up sitting on the shelf most of the time.

Handbags, though, work all year round, so while I’m not going to claim that I actually need any more than a couple of them,  I will admit that I’ve started to build up a little collection – and I find it much easier to justify adding to it when I know I’ll actually get to use the bag I buy, whatever the weather decides to do!

The handbags on this page are all available at Shopbop, whose latest sale starts today, giving you 25% off all purchases (both full-price and sale items are included) with the code ‘INTHEFAM’. These are mostly smaller, cross-body bags (I have quite a few satchels and shoulder bags, but not too many smaller bags, so I’m using that as my justification), which I’ve chosen as much for the pretty spring colours as for the shapes and styles. Got a favourite?


Kate Spade mini Hayden; Rebecca Minkoff saddle bag; Cambridge satchel push lock bag

Botiker Trigger mini satchel; Marc Jacobs PYT shoulder bag; Kate Spade mini Ella bag

ZAC Zac Posen Grommet Eartha Soft Top Handle Bag;  Cambridge mini satchel; 3.1 Phillip Lim Pashli mini

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