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loungewear for women

LOUNGEWEAR is one of the areas my wardrobe is most lacking in, right now. Every single month, I tell myself that as soon as I get paid, I’m going to stock up some lovely pieces to wear around the house… and then every month, I end up spending my money on what I think of as “real clothes” instead, while the loungewear drawer remains sadly neglected.

It’s silly, really: loungewear, after all, IS “real clothing”, and, in my case, the fact that I work from home, means I tend to wear it more often than I wear the rest of the items in my closet. Well, some days, at least. I’m always telling other people that the clothes you wear most often are the ones you should pay most attention to, and I also firmly believe that if you want to feel good about yourself, you should try to make sure that ALL of your clothes make you feel that way – lingerie and loungewear included. I should probably start taking my own advice on that, huh?

Well, I can’t promise to change my ways overnight, but I do have the very best of intentions, and today I’m making a start on them with this collection of loungewear pieces I’d love to own. These are the kind of things that would be perfect for lazy Sunday mornings, or nights curled up on the sofa:  and all of them are a whole lot better than the washed-out workout clothes that normally pass for “loungwear” in my house!

loungewear top and leggings

Top and leggings – both Next

loungewear for women

Shorts and sweater – ASOS

knitted dressing gown

Knitted dressing gown: Zara Home

grey rib dress

Grey rib dress – Next

summer cashmere jumper

Summer cashmere jumper – Hush

fleece top & leggings

Fleece top & leggings – Next

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  • I love lounge wear but it always seems to be the last thing on the list. I did just through away all my lounge shirts that had holes and or stains. Way was I wearing those things around the house; I should think enough of myself to wear nice things around the house even if it is just family.

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