Glitter-encrusted ballet pumps from Barratts

glitter-ballet-pumpsJust to prove that it’s not just designer shoes with high heels that have fallen prey to the Attack of the Glitter this season, here’s a pair of flats from Barratts that look like they’ve taken a bit of a dip in the glitter pot.

As much as I loved those Miu Mius I showed you earlier this week, I’m always a little wary about glitter-covered shoes, which is why I don’t actually own any. I aways imagine the glitter dropping off as I walk around in them, and while I know that’s probably not the case, I’ve yet to succumb.

If you’ve already been well and truly seduced by glitter, though, these flats will give your feet a break from heels, but still look party-appropriate. They’re £20, and also come in black and purple.

BUY: Barratts glitter-coated ballet flats, £20


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