Embroidered heeled pumps from Missguided

Embroidered heeled pumps from Missguided

Embroidered heeled pumps from Missguided

Missguided embroidered heeled pumps

Embroidery has been such a huge trend in footwear this season: last month I showed you some embroidered ankle boots from Topshop, and they’re far from the only brand who’ve been jumping aboard this particular bandwagon. These block heeled court shoes are from Missguided, and come in both grey and black: I don’t think I’ll ever really learn to love this particular shape of shoe (Low, thick heels always just look incredibly frumpy on me, although they look anything but frumpy on some other people: don’t you just hate it when that happens? I seem to spend half my life seeing people wearing things, thinking they look awesome, and then realising that if I attempt to wear the same thing, I’ll just look completely ridiculous!), but I am enjoying the embroidery trend, which is a nice way to inject a bit of colour and fun into what would otherwise be a fairly standard pair of shoes or boots.

These shoes are actually something of a departure for Missguided, who I tend to associate with very sexy, strappy styles, a bit like these, which I love:


I’m a huge fan of grey and pink combinations (Currently trying to persuade ShoeperMan to let me redecorate the living room in those colours!), and I guess this is just a variation on that, with rose gold instead of pink. Although these shoes aren’t expensive, the colour combination does have quite a luxe feel to it somehow, which tricks you into thinking they’re more expensive than they are: or that’s how it appears in the photo, obviously – I’ve no idea what these would look like in real life, although I would very much like to find out! They’re a little bit different from the usual black/gold/nude sandals we see in this style, though, so I’m all for that!

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