Victoria Beckham banned from wearing high heels to New York Fashion Week

Victoria Beckham will be living my own private hell (and possibly hers, too) at New York Fashion Week next month, after her doctor banned her from wearing heels, due to a slipped disc following the birth of Victoria’s daughter, Harper Seven.

I’m being facetious about the “private hell” , of course: obviously health is much more important than fashion, and Victoria has to do whatever the doctor orders to avoid aggravating the problem. I will, however, be really interested to see how she copes without her trademark heels, because as a stiletto lover myself (I have friends who have never seen me without them: those who have are always absolutely amazed by how short I am), I know that making the switch to flats can be a bit of a challenge, sartorially speaking. I know flats can look every bit as good as heels if they’re done right, but I just don’t feel like “myself” them: I walk differently, carry myself differently, and the majority of my clothes were bought with heels in mind, so  a week in flats would definitely be a challenge (although obviously I’d do it for the sake of my health: I’m not THAT stupid!), especially if it was a week full of social engagements.

According to “a source” (ahem!), Victoria is worried that flats will make her look like “a golf club”, and has turned to Christian Louboutin for help. I think her feet are in good hands, then: I can’t wait to see what she chooses to wear, though!



  • LOL, yes! I have people constantly overestimating my height, too 😉 Poor Victoria, but now we can see how good her fashion skills really are. Think outside the box, Vicky! There’s a whole new world out there, and despite all the pesky globes that school has been shoving into our faces since 500 years or so, it’s FLAT! 🙂

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    • I’ve had loads of comments lately about how tall I look: I actually got my dad to measure at the weekend to see if I’d grown, but sadly not: I must just be wearing higher heels or something!

  • Same here, I can’t imagine a day without high heels – I have friends who say I wake up in heels (and it’s true, I wear them at home too) and others who say I sleep in heels (it has already happened!) Just last month I bought a pair of flats, and even then they had a low heel, they are not real ballerinas. And last week, for a change, I wore trainers and people said I looked like a teenager – so, yes, we feel different, we walk in a different way wearing flats, that’s just not me. But I’m absolutely sure she will rock and this will bring even more publicity and magazine covers for her, for sure, although I’m sure she doesn’t need them, but why not? It’s always nice to be the star on such an event like Fashion Week!

    • I wear them around the house, and for times when I have to do a lot of walking, and I do like the look of them, but I would never, ever reach for a pair of flats for a party, or any kind of “dressy” thing, it’s just not me. I think they can look very classy and elegant, though, in that Audrey Hepburn kind of way, so I’m sure she’ll pull it off no problem!

  • I’m wondering about her shoe size. If she actually worries about looking “like a golf club”, her feet must be enormous…
    Come on, Vicky, even Paris Hilton has worn flats occasionally, and she allegedly has size EU 43!

  • I am sure Posh will cope. It’s just a fashion challenge to overcome! And if she has Monsieur Louboutin to help, all will be well in the world.

  • I almost always wear heels, especially since there’s about 40cm of height difference between me and my boyfriend.
    Unfortunately I’m rather accident prone (and have tried to murder some of my toes multiple times) so I’m not a stranger to being banned from wearing heels.

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