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I’m having to try REALLY hard right now not to make a reference to THAT ‘Devil Wears Prada’ quote. Can I do it? OK, I think I can: let’s give it a go…

That’s the thing about florals in springtime, though, isn’t it? They’re just so ubiquitous that there’s always going to be someone ready to give you a scathing, “Groundbreaking!” response when you admit to liking them. (Aaaand there it is! I think the fact that I waited until the second paragraph, rather than squeezing it into the first, has to count for something though, no?)

Honestly, though, I don’t really care if people think I’m basic or boring: I love me some floral print, and today I’m letting my floral flag fly, with this little selection of floral print clothing from Oasis. I mean, I GUESS I could’ve looked in some other stores for this, but the fact is, when it comes to floral, Oasis pretty much have it covered, don’t they? (And no, they’re not sponsoring this post, just in case you’re wondering…) Each brand has it’s different strengths: I love Zara, for instance, for those wardrobe basics, like blazers, trenches and jeans, ASOS for amazing dresses, and Topshop for cute knitwear. For florals, though, Oasis has my heart, and the great thing about them is that they DON’T just do “florals for spring” either – they normally have a nice selection of floral print pieces in stock all year round. Which actually IS pretty ground-breaking – in a strictly shopping-related sense, obviously.

This season I’m really loving their dresses, which have a real “summer holiday” vibe about them. That dress in the middle of the bottom row, for instance? That dress makes me want to rent a house in Santorini for the summer, and drift around it wearing this. Wow, this post just got REALLY expensive for me, didn’t it? Whoops…

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