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I don’t know about you, but now that the weekend is almost here, I’m planning to kick back, relax, and… well, clean my house and watch Netflix, basically. So, just like every other weekend, then. I know for those of you in the US it’s the start of a holiday weekend, though, so I hope you have a good one: if you’re stuck here with the UK’s awful weather, however, here are some pretty dresses to cheer you up…

Oasis digital organza midi dress


My Oasis obsession is still going strong, and this dress is just so pretty, with it’s organza skirt and pale pink bodice: perfect for a summer wedding!

stripe midi skirt and bardot top


Miss Selfridge has one of the best petites section on the UK high street, and that’s where I found this stripe midi skirt and matching bardot top: such a cute combination! Here’s hoping they release this one as part of their regular range, too!

green floral midi dress


Pretty Kitty isn’t a brand I’ve come across before, but having had a good look at their website, I think I can confidently say I’ll be featuring them again! This green floral print dress is exactly my style, and I’m finding it really hard to resist the temptation of just buying it! Speaking of green dresses…

Topshop green wrap dress


Wrap dresses aren’t usually my style: not because I don’t like them, but because the wrap necklines always end up looking indecent on me, thanks to my awkwardly placed boobs! (At least, I’m assuming that’s why: I’m as flat as a pancake, but I STILL manage to almost expose myself in any kind of V-neckline: fun times!) The bright green colour of this one has changed my mind, though, and the reviews say the neckline is actually stitched together (so no need to worry about it suddenly gaping open!), which makes me think it could be worth a try, at least! And speaking of wrap dresses…

navy maxi wrap dress


I don’t know – you spend your entire life without owning any wrap dresses at all, and then two come along at once! Not only is this a wrap dress, it’s also a maxi dress (Or what ASOS describe as a maxi dress, anyway – it’s more of a midi on the model, but that means it would be at least ankle-length on me!), which is another style I’ve never owned. Why the change of heart? Honestly, I’ve no idea: I have a feeling this dress wouldn’t work for me at all – unlike the Topshop dress, the neckline on this looks like it would be down to my bellybutton, and any time I’ve tried a maxi dress on, I’ve felt like I was in a costume drama. Despite all of that, however, I just love this dress – sometimes I think it’s good to try on a “wildcard” option when you’re shopping, just to see if something you wouldn’t normally wear would actually work for you, so despite my reservations, the next time I’m ordering from ASOS, this might just find its way into the basket!


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