Giuseppe Zanotti mirror embellished suede sandals

These aren’t nearly as hot as the mirrored Thakoon sandals I showed you last year, which will forever more be the standard by which ALL mirrored sandals shall be judged from now on, as far as I’m concerned.

That said, they’re still all kinds of awesome, in a “look, but don’t touch” kinda way. I can’t afford to touch them because they’re £610, but even if I could, well, sadly there aren’t too many occasions in my life right now that call for something like these. If you drift from one fabulous event to another, however, these could be just the thing. You can buy them at Net-a-Porter, if so.


  • It’s interesting that the Thakoon mirrored sandals were actually made by Giuseppe Zanotti. They obviously rather liked them and decided to do it again for their own brand. But I agree, the Thakoons are better – I picked them up in the sale and they are beyond gorgeous (and the most comftable heels I own, despite them being 4.5 inches)

  • I think these look even better than the Thankoon pair. These have a bit of an edge and sex appeal to them, like they are meant to worn out to a club in a little tight dress or something.

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