Wardrobe Essentials for a Rainy Summer

So, it’s finally summer – but here in the UK, you wouldn’t necessarily know it, would you? If, like me, you’ve been dreaming of sundresses and sandals for as long as you can remember, it can be a bit of a blow to keep waking up to grey skies and pouring rain, so here are some wardrobe essentials to make summer dressing fun – even when it’s raining…

blush pink trench coat


I know, so predictable, right? I feel like a trench coat is my answer to everything right now, but that’s because… well, a great trench coat really IS the answer to just about everything, as far as I’m concerned. They smarten up a pair of jeans, work with both dresses and trousers, and look effortlessly chic, no matter what. If you’re bored with the standard beige, the good news is that today’s trenchcoats come in a range of different colours and styles: I’m loving this blush pink trench from ASOS, and I also like the waterfall-style duster jackets that are around at the moment, and which provide a bit of a twist on the look.

white polka dot pants


When it’s too chilly for bare legs, but you can’t face the thought of having to break out the woolly tights in July, cigarette pants are the perfect solution. Again, these can look smart or casual, as required, and the ankle-length cut means they’re not as hot and stuffy to wear as something like jeans, for instance. I love this white pin-spot pair by Topshop, which are summery, without leaving you shivering.

Kate Spade umbrella


Obvious tip is obvious, I know, but you really can’t get through a UK summer without an umbrella, can you?

black patent pumps


I’d love to be wearing sandals right now, but I’m not a fan of wet toes, so it’s probably best to keep them covered as much as possible. With that said, I don’t really feel like wearing boots or wellies all summer, either, so patent pumps are my go-to for a damp summer. No, they’re not going to protect your feet as well as rain boots would, and if it’s really pouring down, they might not be the greatest solution, but patent uppers don’t tend to get soggy, like leather or suede does, and they don’t get as easily ruined by water, either. So if you want to retain some of your usual style when it’s wet, they can be a good – if not perfect – solution.

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  • We’ll be visiting the UK for nearly the entire summer (from California) and I’m wondering: How does a woman in the UK manage to wear a dress in chilly weather without the use of tights to keep her legs warm? And why is this such a faux pas? Am I relegated to either trousers or dresses with bare legs? Thanks so much for the tips! (And l love your blog!)

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