Five on Friday

It’s Friday! Here are five things that caught my eye this week!

ASOS SALON Beautiful Floral Placed Midi Prom Dress

ASOS Salon floral print midi prom dress

I know I say it all the time, but I REALLY need to stop looking at the ASOS website. Seriously, barely a day goes by without me adding yet another item to my wish list there (Does anyone else sometimes get the urge to just hit the “Add everything to basket?” button? And then shudder when they realise just how much that would cost them?!), but I think this particular dress is one of the nicest I’ve seen in a while – and that’s up against some pretty stiff competition!

Dorothy Perkins sequined pencil dress

Dorothy Perkins sequinned pencil dress

You know, I have a funny feeling that Dorothy Perkins have released this dress before… and that I’ve featured it here before, too. Oh well, I guess at least I’m consistent: I still love it – and I still think it looks pale green, rather than cream, as the item description insists. Speaking of pale green…

ASOS green embellished prom skirt

Green embellished prom skirt

What was I just saying about avoiding the ASOS website? I should probably start avoiding green tulle skirts, too: I already own one, but that doesn’t stop me wanting this one, too: I just love the floral embellishments!

rose print midi dress

BB Dakota rose print midi dress

This dress, meanwhile, is in a print I DON’T own (Because, yes, there ARE some floral prints I don’t own. Or not yet, anyway…), and it looks like it would be the perfect, easy summer dress, to throw on with a denim jacket and a pair of sandals, for a cute-but-casual kinda look. (Oh, and that print is also available on a skirt, if you prefer the versatility skirts have over dresses…)

Finally, and STILL on the subject of tulle skirts, just look at this one:

Alice + Olivia Catrina embellished skirt

Alice + Olivia Catrina embellished skirt

This one is just so pretty I think I might cry – at the price, I mean…

Have a great weekend, everyone!

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