What Do You Think of the Wide Leg Trousers Look?

wide leg trousers - fashion trend for 2015

wide leg trousers - fashion trend for 2015

wide leg trousers - fashion trend for 2015

wide leg trousers - fashion trend for 2015

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Skinny styles have reigned supreme for years now in the world of trousers and jeans, but these days there’s a new style on the trouser scene: wide leg trousers are making a comeback in 2015, and I tracked down the styles above at ASOS.

Actually, it’s not quite right to call these a “new style”: wide leg trousers have, of course, been in fashion before, and although they may have dropped off the style radar in recent years, there are still plenty of people who swear by them, and much prefer them to the ubiquitous skinnies. Their current popularirt is due, in part, to the 70s-revival which is being touted as one of the biggest trends of spring/summer 2015, although whether it actually catches on or not remains to be seen.

As with most styles, wide leg trousers definitely won’t work for everyone, and tend to look better on people with longer legs. Mine are short, and not just in length: my legs are also short in comparison to the rest of my body, which makes wide leg trousers a little problematic for me. Not only would I have to trim inches off the bottom just to make them fit (which often means ruining the bootleg shape), even once they’re the correct length, they’d still leave me looking swamped by the fabric.

But that’s just me, of course. Done right, this can be a really elegant look, and very striking. I love the combination of the green and camel in the first image, for instance, which looks very sophisticated, but hate the third outfit, which I think just makes the model look like she’s wearing someone else’s clothes.

The other issue with wide leg trousers is getting the length right. Too short, and they can look silly: too long, meanwhile, and they’ll make you look like your feet have been snatched, and you’re now hovering above the ground – as is the case in some of these photos.

What do you think of wide leg trousers? Will you be buying some, or would you rather just stick to skinnies?


  • I do like a good wide leg trouser, but I find them far less practical than skinnies. With wide legs you have to choose a heel height and stick with it – no swapping to flats when your feet hurt or when you need to walk a long distance. Then there’s the rain – wide legs get wet and soggy in the rain and can’t be tucked into boots (still the most practical thing about skinny jeans if you ask me…). If you know it’s going to stay dry and you won’t be walking too far then bring on the wide legs.

    • I completely agree. I want to like them (and on the right person they can look really elegant and just lovely) but I tend to be in a constant hurry rushing off to school etc. and skinny are just the easy option.

  • Being of the boyish, straight up and down persuasion I’ve long been a fan of wide leg trousers, but also being blessed (debatable!) with long legs it can be a pain finding the right length! My fave looks are Katherine Hepburn style with a high waist and silky blouse, or 70’s style jeans with a check shirt and chunky boots or wedges. Like Fi said though, not being able to swap into my flats for the commute can be an irritation!

  • I think they are very attractive as long as they are in proportion to the body. My 5-foot-five wide leg will be more like the one in the bottom picture, not so much one of the exaggerated styles. They are quite easy to alter, too, if they contain too much fabric. A relief from these skinnies which really do not suit everybody (which is a matter of calf-to-thigh proportion, not so much of overall weight).

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