Three Ways to Wear Topshop’s Floral Bodysuit

Toshop floral bodysuit

When I spotted this floral body at Topshop last week, I got really excited. I thought it was a a one-piece swimsuit, you see, and I LOVE one-piece swimsuits, so I figured this would be the perfect thing to buy now and then stash away until vacation time.

Luckily, however, I took a closer look at the product description before hitting the “buy now” button – and that’s when I realised it wasn’t a swimsuit at all, but a bodysuit: as in, one of those strange garments with the poppers at the crotch, which were popular in the 90s, and occasionally afterwards, too.

I can’t actually remember the last time I bought a bodysuit, but, undeterred, I started thinking about how I might wear it, and came up with the following three outfits:

how to wear a bodysuit

skirt / shoes / sunglasses 

 A dressed-up look, with a retro feel: how amazing are those shoes?

how to wear a floral bodysuit 2

jeans / cardigan / hat  / bag / shoes 

A more casual look, complete with flat sandals.

how to style a floral body for summer

shorts / t-shirt / sunglasses / shoes 

And an “on-vacation” look, with a slouchy t-shirt to throw over the top, if you feel like covering up a little.

In retrospect, this possibly wasn’t the best idea, because I’ve now convinced myself that I still need it, even although I wouldn’t be able to wear it by the pool, as I’d imagined. (Or, actually, I guess I could – just not IN it!)

The advantage of bodysuits like this is that they’re very streamlined under your clothes, with no need to tuck anything in, or deal with it becoming un-tucked during the day.  I think this one is really pretty, and a lot more versatile than you might think at first: it’s also the kind of thing that would be great to throw in your suitcase when you’re off on your travels. What do you think: would you wear it? It’s £35 at Topshop, if so.



  • I actually like to wear bodysuits in winter with tights – when you fasten the poppers over your tights, they never stop fitting exactly how they should!

  • Hello Amber,

    The floral print of this bodysuit is gorgeously screaming spring and summer, and the belt (is it a black ribbon?) gives it a very defined look. But this belt, which is quite an embellishment considering the bodysuit alone, could in fact reveal itself to be a flaw in a complet outfit. I explain: I fear this belt, sitting at the real waistline might not nicely interact with the lower waistline of the shorts and trousers whose lovely colours would seem so nice with the floral pattern. In fact maybe only skirts with high rise, and especially midi skirts would be a safe pairing… What do you think, Amber?

  • Second thoughts: the shorts have a high waistline… Gorgeous proposition too!
    And I checked the lovely pink pumps… Can only dream about them, but it’s so nice to look at them.
    Adding to Suya’s comment, I think bodysuit poppers are definitely more comfortable with tights.

    Thank you for all the nice outfit propositions you offer every day: they are really refreshing compared to magazines improbable looks (more for The fashion police, most of the time).

  • I really like these types of floral patterns and the idea of bodysuit’s streamline fitting and not having to worry about tucking in is definitely a plus. I also like the sweetheart neckline, but for me to wear a bodysuit, such as this, the spaghetti straps would have to be replaced by the addition of sewing to it something like the V neck t-shirt look in the same material and background or solid floral color.

  • Truth be told, I’m not sure if I could pull off a bodysuit…but the last two looks have me swooning! Especially love the third one….kinda want to replicate it this summer!

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