Jeffrey Campbell ‘Woodsy’ owl flats

Jeffrey Campbell 'Woodsy' owl flats Jeffrey Campbell 'Woodsy' owl flats

Jeffrey Campbell ‘Woodsy’ owl flats, $120

As you might already know, I’m not a huge fan of Jeffrey Campbell shoes, OR of flats, for that matter. I do, however, have a bit of a soft spot for owls, and while I know that’s a very “hipster” admission to make, I think this little guy is adorable.  I mean, he’s not just any old owl: he’s a CUTE owl, which means I’d probably be too scared to wear these in case I damaged him in some way. OK, maybe not: shoes are designed to be worn, after all, and these ones are very wearable indeed: the nude leather upper would go with everything, and the owl detail gives them an interesting, unexpected touch. We’ve seen just about everything imaginable appear on the toes of shoes over the years, but we don’t tend to see too many owls, so I think that, despite the neutral colour and simple shape, you could probably expect these to attract a fair bit of attention any time you wore them.

What would you wear WITH them, though?

It’s the old story with this one: nude shoes go with everything and anything, so rather than worrying about what they’ll match or clash with, you get to just wear whatever you feel like wearing, without giving it a second thought. It’ll come as absolutely no surprise to anyone who knows me to learn that I just HAD to give little “Woodsy” here a friend, in the shape of the owl necklace: it’s the fact that I managed to stick to just ONE additional owl that’s the surprising bit here…

what to wear with owl flats

What to wear with owl flats:

dress // necklace // bag // watch

I spotted this little tea dress at Miss Selfridge yesterday, and really liked it: floral tea dresses are such a summer classic, and so easy to wear. They also tend to be a little shorter than I’m comfortable with, which makes them the perfect candidate to wear with a pair of flats!


  • Aww so cute, I really like these shoes and I love the necklace. (Btw, you know what animal is almost impossible to find on accessories? A pig. The only thing I managed to find was pink piggy earrings but they weren’t the best quality and Topshop once did a really cute pig ring but I didn’t get it because it sold out).

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