Zara pointed stripe court shoes

Zara pointed stripe court shoes

Zara pointed stripe court shoes

Zara pointed stripe court shoes, £49.99

My bank account would hereby like to thank Zara for making these pointed court shoes in a black and blue stripe, as opposed to any of the other colour combinations available to them.

If they’d cone for black and WHITE, for instance, I’d be out £50 right now (although, on the plus side, I’d have a pair of awesome shoes winging their way to me…). Even black and pink could’ve been dangerous. Black and MINT, meanwhile, would’ve been positively lethal. Black and blue, however, has never been one of my favourite colour combinations: I don’t hate it, you understand, but I generally avoid pairing two dark(ish) colours in one outfit, purely because I find the effect a little gloomy, especially at this time of year.

Of course, cobalt blue isn’t exactly a “dark” colour, so while I wouldn’t buy these myself, I do find much to admire about them, not least of which is that stripe upper, which has tons of impact, combined with a totally classic shape.

What would you wear with these shoes, though?

When a shoe has more than one colour on the upper, I’ll normally try to build the rest of the outfit around those two colours, rather than trying to add a third (or a fourth, or a fifth…). I’m not saying it can’t, or shouldn’t, be done, of course, but for this look I’ve gone with a simple blue-and-black colour scheme:

what to wear with stripe shoes

What to wear with black and blue shoes:

dress // bag // sunglasses // lipstick

As this dress is fairly short, I’ve kept the rest of the look simple: well, with the exception of the Swarovski studs on those Jimmy Choo sunglasses, obviously. If I WAS going to add another colour into the mix, I’d probably go for either red or gold, both of which look fantastic with bright blue, and work equally well with black – and both of which I’ve included small amounts of in the red lipstick and the gold hardware on the bag.

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  • These have been on my wishlist for a week now, and I’m pretty sure I’ll be popping into Zara during a little break tomorrow. 🙂

  • Very pretty shoes and I really like the dress you picked. Out of curiosity (because I don’t think I’ve ever seen the combination before) are there any shoes that combined mint and black??

    If so please help us find them. A task for a shoe superhero surely! 🙂 I’d be very interested in seeing this combo on a shoe.

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