DSquared2 pink ruffle jewel heeled sandals

pink ruffle front high heel sandals

rhinestone heel on shoes
pink sandals with jewel heel and ruffle front

DSquared2 pink ruffle jewel heeled sandals, £411

These shoes are kinda crazy.

They’re also past season, and almost sold out.

Oh, and even if your size IS still available… they’re £411. Oh.

I’m featuring theme here anyway, purely because they’re the kind of shoes I can’t NOT show you, in all their OTT, pink ruffled glory. I wouldn’t rush out and buy them –  probably not even if they were a whole lot cheaper, and available in my size – but if I saw them in a store somewhere, you better believe I’d be picking them up and trying them on, just for the sheer hell of it. Then I’d probably be walking around in them and pretending I was a princess or something. They’re THOSE kind of shoes.

I’m actually really curious to know what they DO look like on. They cut an amazing silhouette in the photo, that’s for sure, but I’m not sure what that giant, vertical ruffle would look like on a foot. It could go either way: they could look amazingly decadent and glamorous, or they could just look a little bit odd. I’ll let you decide. In the meantime, I have to answer the burning question:

What on earth would you wear with these shoes?

My usual rule of thumb is that statement shoes should be worn with a NON-statement dress (When it comes to evening shoes, there are sandals that are designed to let the outfit do the talking, and sandals which want to steal all of the attention for themselves. Guess which category these shoes fall into?), so my instinct here was to style these with something black and sophisticated. Then I thought, “To hell with that!” and went all-out pink instead:

what to wear with pink sandals

What to wear with pink statement sandals:

dress // clutch // necklace // lipstick

Well, sometimes your inner Barbie just needs to be released, no?

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