Nicholas Kirkwood crystal studded pointed toe court shoes

Nicholas Kirkwood crystal studded pointed toe court shoes

Nicholas Kirkwood shoes: crystal studded pointed toe pumps

This is one of those posts which is going to start off with an apology, I’m afraid. You see, these Nicholas Kirkwood shoes arrived at Net-a-Porter yesterday morning, and I instantly bookmarked them. By the time I came round to writing this post, however, they’d already sold out: I know, it’s a tragedy of epic proportions, the horror lessened only slightly by the knowledge that they’d have been much too expensive for most of us to anything more than simply look at, anyway.

That’s why I decided to show you them anyway, as it happens. Well, they say a thing of beauty is a joy forever, and these are definitely “things of beauty”, as far as I’m concerned. Unlike some of the Nicholas Kirkwood shoes I’ve featured here, with their crazy shapes and giant platforms, these use a very classic shape (in fact, the shape is very similar to the Topshop shoes I showed you earlier today: what can I say, I obviously really like this shape!), made super-special with the crystals which cover the entirety of the upper and heel.

As these sold out so quickly, I no longer have the product description in front of me, but these being from a high-end line, I’m going to guess the crystals are probably Swarovski, and probably come with a gigantic price tag attached to them. I don’t have to guess they’ll be out of my budget – I know that without even looking – but for those of you who just can’t live without a pair, worry not: Net-a-Porter often re-stocks items which sell out this quickly, so keep a close eye on the site, or click here for a list of other stockists: you might just get lucky and be able to snag yourself a pair!


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