Stuart Weitzman sky blue shoes with peep toe and high heel

blue shoes with high heels

Stuart Weitzman sky blue shoes with peep toe, $350

I love blue shoes in general, and own more pairs of them than I probably really need, but that doesn’t stop me lusting over these Stuart Weitzman peep toes: far from it, in fact. This particular shade of blue, you see, is a particular favourite of mine, making me think of clear blue summer skies, and all of the good things they bring.

One of those things is the possibility of wearing peep toe shoes without risking frostbite or being forced to try wearing them with tights, which doesn’t always work. I’m counting down the days until I can get my own collection of summer shoes out again, and I’m now thinking these would be a very welcome addition to that collection. As well as the colour of the upper itself, I also really like the contrasting heel, and the sweetheart-shaped peep toe. That, plus the curved sides are the kind of details than can turn an ordinary shoe into an extraordinary one, and while these aren’t exactly going to have passers-by breaking their necks to get a better look at them, blue shoes are sufficiently unusual for them to still manage to stand out in a crowd.

As well as being unusual, this is also a very fresh, summery shade, which will work really well with the type of soft, pastel shades that are always around at that time of year. The high heel (5.1″, with a 1.2″ concealed platform which should make it feel a little bit lower than it looks) gives them a fairly dressy feel, but I think the colour will look fantastic with a pair of faded blue jeans, or maybe a bright white pair for contrast.

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  • These are simply fabulous! The sky blue, the peeptoe, the very high heel. All of which add fun to a summer outfit. Yes, I too, look forward to summer — or even spring — when the shoes show off and the options are seemingly endless. These would be welcome and noticed, for sure!

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